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Message from the CO – 2020/09/07

What You Should Know As We Resume Training

• No in person training will take place prior to 01 October 2020. If the situation requires, we shall move the in person start date to ensure everyone remains safe. We have submitted risk management assessments to our Command Team and await approval for our plans.
• The re-opening of society and resumption of normal activities will be dependent upon the conditions in Canada. In person Cadet activities will be permitted provided the most restrictive guidelines outlined by federal, provincial and municipal health agencies as well as Command restrictions are followed.
• Non-Medical masks have been ordered for all Cadets and staff and will be provided by Canadian Armed Forces; until such time as they have been received, Cadets will be required to use a personal one that meets the standard requirements as outlined by Health Canada.
• Physical distancing and maximum room capacity as indicated by staff will be observed.
• In the interim, while we await approval for in person training, we will rely upon information technology and have moved forward to establish an online forum. We shall be using GSuite for lessons and some activities. GSuite has been set up, however, we are awaiting full approval to increase the number of participants.
• No in person fundraising activities involving Cadets and Staff are authorised until further notice. The Sponsoring Committee is working on alternatives and will make known to all how we can support these initiatives.
• Local day activities without an overnight stay will be permitted, provided that the location is within one hour of LHQ and we make use of parental transportation as well as observing stated protocols.
• Due to the ongoing environment/situation, international travel is prohibited until 01 September 2021. No overnight travel is permitted until further notice.
• As previously communicated helpful information may be found on the CJCR app which can be downloaded
to your mobile phone as indicated here: Apple iOS users will register at https://interceptum.com/s/en/A3iOSSignUp
Android Users will register at  https://interceptum.com/s/en/A3AndroidSignUp
• The Cadet Portal is also an excellent resource for parents and Cadets as communicated in March. If you have not yet created a profile to access the information you are very much encouraged to do so. This is the landing page from which you may choose your preferred language:

Although this is not a typical training year, please know that we are diligently working to provide exciting content for our Cadets, including in an online setting. While we do need to complete mandatory elements of training, we also recognise the challenges we all encounter to do what once were typical activities. With this thought in mind, we wish you to know that we will be selective with what will be required training to advance to the next level.

Much of the training will of course be necessary, however leniency and flexibility will be very much part of our assessment for each Cadet. I believe strongly that in spite of the challenges ahead, will have a great year. If at any time you need assistance, please know that we are here for you.
On behalf of Captain Emptage (Training Officer), CI Blake (Supply Officer and Instructor), CI Willms (Admin Officer and Instructor) and myself, we look forward to seeing each of you and remain committed to providing the best program to our Cadets.

T Copses-Parker, CD
Commanding Officer

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