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Message from the CO – 2020/08/18

Good evening, everyone. I hope you are well!
I am writing to bring you up to speed on a few things.
  1. Training for this year has been postponed until 01 October 2020 or updated orders
  2. New direction has been disseminated to us today and includes conducting a risk assessment for our return. An email will be sent out to each of you with further information just as soon as the staff and I discuss (tomorrow evening).
  3. I have yet to receive measurements from some of you. I telephone each one this evening and followed up with an email. The FTU will be the standard uniform and we have one shot to get it right. Measurements are required NLT Friday. Please work with us to complete this order for the benefit of our Cadets.
  4. A new online source for registration will be implemented by Formation Leadership. If you have a friend who is interested in joining, please let me know. The site will be sent in the email along with other specifications.
I appreciate your assistance in the above. Stay tuned. More to come.
Capt Parker

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